the title pretty much says it all, but I was thinking, want to star in my new show on utube about flab3? I would love to start up my flab3 videos sometime around Jan 5 6 7 8th or so... I will make somewhere around 22 episodes for the first season, but I will make second season too... I hope to be posting episodes every week with the occasional week break, and end season in may/april... I will also be working on new ROBLOX series too... if you want you can become part of that too. I have managed to think up title for both shows. flab3 show: The adventures of auc and lordshen. ROBLOX show: playing the trends with auc and Lordshen. so, what do you think? this time I will exit my vids so I get more views, and I will also try a new recorder WITH SOUND!!! I would like to record first episode mabye the 2nd january and then post on utube the 5th or even as soon as the 3rd depending on the time I need to edit.... my mom is still working on her paper for school I ho she will be done by the 28th so we can play on flab and get everything set up. also thiserves time we can use scripts too... (not on paper just through here) we can memorize them.... if you do not want to use scripts that is fine. also if you do not want to be on ROBLOX series you do not have to but I hope you are! it would make it fun! anyways, when we record 1st episode I will name it in editing.. here is list of episodes for next few weeks (if I can go on.. this may change)

EPISODE ONE: (unknown name) recording 2nd Jan| editing Jan 2nd-3rd| posting Jan 4th.

EPISODE TWO: (unknown name) recording 9th Jan| editing Jan 9th-10th| posting Jan 11th.

EPISODE THREE: (unknown name) recording 16th Jan| editing Jan 16th-17th| posting Jan 18th

that is it for now... if any of these dates you can not make it on it is OK!