• Thekingoftheworld13

    Which is why I've planned to take care of it as far as my ability goes. Nigel and Alpha it's two previous owners (one of which is close friend of mine) are now no longer active here, I will not be replacing them as owner, but will only try to keep this wiki from be being filled up with cobwebs(by posting once every few days). :D

    On a serious note...trolls, vandals, and spammers will not be tolerated here.

    Contact me on my message wall in case of any questions or just to say Hi. :)

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  • Nigel flylikeabird3

     happpy halloween!!!

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  • Nigel flylikeabird3

    Someone named "Ryuik" has copied a bunch of peoples names and is posting them everywhere so people like ariana and angryswan can use them.  she also uses them to trick people into thinking there friends hate them!!!!!!  i was able to get her off the flab3 wiki but now shes made a website i cant delete. 

    she now has this pig long list of peoples fancy names that she has posten on a website. so everyone can get everyones names.  

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  • Lordshen1


    June 4, 2016 by Lordshen1

    when Flab3 wasnt working i was bored, so i went on Lif and took some pictures :/ 

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  • Lordshen1

    Gone for 3 weeks...

    January 3, 2016 by Lordshen1

    I will be leaving tomarrow (jan6)  to go on a trip to switzerland for 3 weeks. i  might not be able to go on flab3 anymore because my mom got me a cruddy new computer(cant go on google or anything) and is trying to force me to use it :\   i can get on the game but im not sure about this wiki. i can also get on my moms computer to play but thats limited :| 


    i'm going to put the password for the account here so we can delete it right away after, 

    i often use the pass word "____. but if u use a different one then thats fine too :)

    and the name can be Nigel   

    and, i will be on flab3 most of today!


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  • Alphaundercat

    the glitches I know...

    November 15, 2015 by Alphaundercat

    I know a lot of glitches, and when I am on , lots of people ask for me to share what I know.... I will give you most if not all glitches I know on flab3.

    1. 1 Underground cityscape. To do this, you become Swan, go to multi-player city. Go to pole, and get someone to poo on you.
    1. 2 In bulding. to do this be either Swan or robin, go to a bulding, and try to get in it; I will post all these glitches on my YouTube soon.
    1. 3 under hill/snows cape.
    1. 4 under islands.
    1. 5 under industry.
    1. 6 under tree.
    1. 7 fly around snowscape glitch.
    1. 8 fly upside-down glitch
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  • Lordshen1

    Right now it seems that Alphaundercat has left, so dont go to his talk page right now. i will edit the wiki for now. 


    Thanks lord! but i just got back XD SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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