First, open CE 6.3, and choose the right prosess. Then click "enable speedhack" (you can also set hotkeys for speedhack) and put the speed to 2.0. Then go onto flab3 single player, find a twig, and go to CE again, and in the value box, type "256". Then go to flab3 single player, and loose the twig or lay a nest. Then in value type "0" then look to the left. Find the address (at the end e.g ......c18) c18, and click it once. Then press the red arrow. Then left click the address when its on the bottom. Then click "set/change hotkeys", enter the hotkey you want, and choose "set value to" and type "256" in the box, and press OK. (you have now got twighack) (i will get down to the poo/egg hack after the energy hack (you need to have energy or else you will die with poohack turned on.) Right click the address, and press "find out what writes this address" and open it. Then, go to single player, press ur hotkey, then make a nest and press hotkey and hold it for a second or two. Then walk away from the nest and egg three times. Then crash once, and lay ur egg. Then poo three times, and go back to the CE, go to the bottom thing on the opcode address. Click it once, and then press "show dissasembeler". Another window will pop up. (i gtg now i will post the rest in a while!)