I am a bird who has played fly like a bird for 4-5 years, well, whenever it came out.

right now i use the name Nigel with fancy letters!

I am often in city1 or the 7 scapes.


I started playing flab1, then flab2 then flab3. i play flab3 every day and i am often in city1 or hill5! I am sometimes in industry6, but i dontt go there anymore because cherie, who was once my friend, hates me now… someone has been using my name and annoying people. and now people think its me who's doing it.


personality: Kind but i dontt like people who piss me off

hobbies: playing flab3 

favorite color: blue

species:white peacock or cockatoo(in role-play)

age: 15

friends: alphaundercat, ace bandit(if he still playes…), and a few others

enemies: the people who role play as wasps….. god i hate them… and cherie.. cherie is soooooo annoying. and mean.


  • ≈•≈lord shen≈•≈ has been playing on fly like a bird since it came out i mean the first one came out and he plays on the 3rd one now 
  • his name originated from kung fu panda2
  • hes often a seagull and claims hes a white peacock
  • hes oftenn in city1 or the 7 scapes
  • right now in fly like a bird3, he hates the wasps. they are sooooo annoying!


ps he hates nonames kits wolves and mafia and ßß who is his ex wife he claims she betrayed him long time ago

It is said that ≈•≈lord shen≈•≈ has a friend called Valerie Swift... She tries to help him to talk to Mafia becuz since that they were enemies so Valerie tries to help him because Mafia calls Valerie his sister, but Valerie didn't mind it much so she called him her brother... So LordShen asked Valerie if she would kill him, but Val said she wont so Shen trusted her to help him... But Valerie is sometimes gets confused when lord shen and mafia are face to face in c1, when LordShen shouted "Talk to mafia valerie!" but Mafia said "Let's kill him Val", so Val didn't know who to choose to help them, so she didn't help any of them... She had said something wise but nobody seemed to see it but a normal bird did, (this is me, the one who edited this wiki xd) She said "What's the point of killing the other? he will just come back and fight all over again, it's better to stay out of their way than to get sucked in it".....

But the bird named Han realised that none of the birds saw what Valerie just said, so he thought that he was the only one who knew about it and now shared it with the others...

by valerie swift