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    the glitches I know...

    November 15, 2015 by Alphaundercat

    I know a lot of glitches, and when I am on , lots of people ask for me to share what I know.... I will give you most if not all glitches I know on flab3.

    1. 1 Underground cityscape. To do this, you become Swan, go to multi-player city. Go to pole, and get someone to poo on you.
    1. 2 In bulding. to do this be either Swan or robin, go to a bulding, and try to get in it; I will post all these glitches on my YouTube soon.
    1. 3 under hill/snows cape.
    1. 4 under islands.
    1. 5 under industry.
    1. 6 under tree.
    1. 7 fly around snowscape glitch.
    1. 8 fly upside-down glitch
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